I is For…

Lil C: Did you say be or bee?
Feature: To be or not to be: isn’t that the question?
Lil C: What does that have to do with me?
Esmeralda: Your self is still evolving.
Casey: We are all on the road to becoming.
Lil C: Yet only I am stuck to a cactus.
Feature: “Take armes against a sea of troubles…”
Lil C: Is this where I run and tell the king?
Feature: You be Henny Penny, I’ll be Goosey Lucy. Or maybe Ducky Lucky.
Lil C: I don’t like Foxy Loxy.
Casey: The moral of our metaphor…
Esmeralda: “Who will help me sow, harvest, thresh and mill the wheat?”
(Lil C crosses road, dragged by cactus)
Esmeralda: Don’t forget to come back!

To be or not to be. Be anything you want to be. Habitual be is echoed by the Spanish words ser and estar.
Time beings