G is For…

Casey: Are we lost, confused, overwhelmed or…
Feature: I vote for befuddled.
Lil C: Am I a girl chicken or a boy chicken?
What’s a pullet?
Are you my mother?
Esmeralda (reading old notes): When Adrien was 5 he asked his teacher, What’s married? The teacher said, It means to be a family. [Adrien was being raised by a single mother who took him to lots of evening school board meetings.] Gussie, age 4, being raised as gender-in-waiting by two moms who were in the process of separating, said, My mom said teeth are bones.

Feature: Humans are always moving the goalposts.
[insert sound of football leaking air]*

Genus, genre, gender and, best of all, gnarus.








* …to narrate” derives from both ‘telling’ (narrare) and ‘knowing in some particular way’ (gnarus) — the two tangled beyond sorting. – Jerome Bruner