F is For…

Casey: Hold hands and then a rainbow: Is that the answer to how to be a friend?
Esmeralda (pulls out well-thumbed copy of Tender Buttons, by Gertrude Stein): Speaking of fragments and friends, it’s time to check in with Ms. Stein.
(Feature grins. Lil C begins to scratch in the dirt.)
Esmeralda (reading): “Checking an emigration, checking it by smiling and certainly by the same satisfactory stretch of hands that have more use for it than nothing…”
Casey: Ever since you discovered Tender Buttons, you…
Feature: I sense another metaphor.
Esmeralda: The word friend is a symbol wrapped in an enigma smithereened…
Casey: How is that a word?
Esmeralda: …by a stroll through an uncanny valley.
Lil C, Feature and Casey: Beep beep beep!

Establishing relationships with other children is one of the major developmental tasks of early childhood. Relationships are used by children to evaluate their self-worth and competence, and relationships shape children's view of the world as pleasant or hostile.
Wait. Where’s the rainbow?