E is For…

Casey: So, even though there’s danger and death, we need to continue exploring?
Esmeralda: Taking risks, meeting strangers, experimenting: of these things, life…
Casey: But what about the guns!?
Esmeralda: We’ll get to weapons later.
Casey: Under the letter W, one presumes.
Esmeralda: The way to wisdom is paved with words.
Lil C: So many words.
Feature: Patterns. Pandemonium.*
Esmeralda: Pumpkinification!*
Casey: Feel free to turn the page.
Feature: Someone needs to hold hands.
[insert sound of rainbows]

The search for meaning is a search for epiphanies. Epiphanies are for testing to see if the curriculum really is emerging.
Emotional explorations.
Even if they do lead to…








The word pandemonium appears in the book Bently & Egg, by William Joyce.







* Pumpkinification: fragmented narrative, rapid moving between styles and points of view.
See also pandemonium.