Alphabet of Stories

A Hole is to Dig, by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Maurice Sendak, is a “book of first definitions.” Our Alphabet of Bubble Herding, an offshoot of Vivian Paley’s storytelling and story acting curriculum, is a book of first stories.

From a First Book of Definitions to An Alphabet of Stories: Connections Continue
Bubble-herding continues

In The Boy Who Would be a Helicopter, Paley shared her updated vision of a storytelling and story acting curriculum: “…you will build a literature of images and themes, of beginnings and endings, of references and allusions. You must invent your own literature if you are to connect your ideas to the ideas of others.”

Must Teachers Also Be Writers?

The Alphabet of Bubble Herding contains examples of children’s “own literature,” and is our third* answer to another question Paley asked: How do we lay hands on all this storytelling?


*The first two are here:

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