We Have to Stop

Paley: Alexis is next. Now, your story’s over. You all sit down.
Tiffany, would you be Alexis? Would you be the little girl?
Alexis: I’m the mom.
Paley: Yeah, you are the…oh, are you the mom? Ok, so you be the little girl and she’s the mom. “Me and my mommy had so much fun.”
And, let me see, Timberly, would you be the doggie?
Child: Kimberly.
Paley: Kimberly, would you be the doggie?
Child: She loves to crawl.
Paley: Now, wait a minute, I’ve got to see this name. Excuse me, Christian. Would you be the dad? We need a dad. Would you be the dad? Ok. All right.
“And my dad brought my doggie to school.”
Now, Jackson, this is the doggie. And my dad didn’t want…
Child: Stop following me, Ashley.
Paley: Wait a minute, please. We have to stop this story right now.
Everyone, find your place where you were. Behind the line. Everyone.
Alexis, we’re going to do your story all over again. Your story’s been interrupted too much.
Everyone find your place right now because we’re going to have to wait.
We’re going to have to wait.
Behind the line.
Behind the line. It’s too squishy over there.
Brandon, move over. There’s no reason for it to be squishy.
Aaron’s the only one playing with this right now.
Everyone else – we said that Aaron could do it. But if there’s more than one person doing it, then it uses up too much space, remember?
Just Aaron right now, because he won’t be happy if he’s not doing this right now.
We decided that already. We can all see that.
Now, let’s remember Alexis’ story. Concentrate on Alexis’ story.
By the way, Aaron’s listening to the story, too. I’m certain of that.
Ok, Alexis is the mommy. Who was the little girl?
Now, we want to be off the stage unless you’re part of…so would you move off the…oh, you’re the doggie. I’m sorry.
“Me and my mommy had so much fun.”
Show us how you’re having fun.
Ok, painting.
“And my daddy brought the doggie to school.”
Daddy, Jackson, you bring the doggie to school.
Now, listen to what this doggie is all about.
“My dad did not want to bring him in because the doggie doesn’t like school. He likes to stay outside.”
So, the doggie has to stay outside with the daddy.
Ok, everyone can sit down now.

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