Video Games with Bubby

Child: That’s my daddy singing.
Paley: You remember that story that we told about Aaron yesterday? I mean, Aaron’s story. This is the way he acted it out for us. Just like this. I think Aaron wants all of his animals to be in the middle of the stage.
You know something? I think we can let him leave all his animals in the middle of the stage, because that’s just where he wants to be. He won’t be happy if he’s not in the middle of the stage. He’ll be sad.
So, we’re going to do this. Here’s what we’ll have to do, though. Pretend Aaron’s not in the middle of the stage. He really is and he wants to be, and we’re going to let him be in the middle of the stage.
Tejay, your story’s first. Make sure you don’t step on Aaron, all of you. Come on, Tejay. Tejay is going to be his brother, Bubby.
Child: That’s his story?
Paley: Yeah, this is his story. Jacob, would you pretend to be the little boy? Thank you, dear.
Makayla, would you be the mom?
“Me and my mom went to the grocery store, and we got something.”
Now, you want to go to the grocery store. And then, so get something in the grocery store.
“And then me and my mom went to another one. And we got a toy.”
Tejay: Power Ranger toy.
Jacob: Toy.
Paley: Ok.
Tejay: Power Ranger toy.
Paley: A Power Ranger. Can you hold up a Power Ranger? There. Does that look like a Power Ranger? Ok.
“Now, and when we went back home…”
Now you’re the brother. He’s your big brother.
“When we went back home, I watched Bubby play games.”
So show us how you’re playing the games.
Is that games on a computer?
Tejay: On a TV.
Paley: On a TV. Show us how you do that. How do you turn the game on?
Tejay: Push a button.
Paley: Ok, go on. Push a button. Do you stand when you watch the game, or do you sit down?
Tejay: Sit down.
Paley: Ok. Go on. Sit down.
Tejay: From the bed.
Paley: From the bed? Oh, ok.
“And then I play them.”
So, Jacob, you play with your brother, Bubby.
What does Mom do?
Tejay: Watch TV.
Paley: Mom, would you come and sit down and watch TV? Look, the whole family together.
Great. Ok, thanks a lot.

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