Listen to What Ashley Did

Paley: Ashley, you’re next. Boys and girls, listen to what Ashley did. She put together Darion’s two stories. Listen to this.
Who are you? I didn’t even ask you. Are you intsy wintsy spider or are you George?
Ashley: George.
Paley: George. Then you go back because you’re not here yet. And you can go back, Landon.
Kayla, would you be…
Jailah: Jailah.
Paley: Excuse me, Jailah. Would you be eensy weensy spider?
Ok. Now, this time she’s doing it. The eensy weensy spider went up the water spout.
Show us how you’re going up the water spout.
Jailah: I have to crawl up there.
Paley: Right. She is crawling, isn’t she?
Then George was in the water. Look, listen to what she did. She took the eensy weensy spider story that we had from Darion. His first story. Then she put George into the eensy weensy spider story.
Ok, “George was in the water.”
Is the spider still in the water with you?
Then George – Tejay, would you be the man with the yellow hat?
Brandon, will you be the man with the yellow hat?
Ok, George ran away from the man with the yellow hat.
So, sort of run after each other. But don’t catch each other.
All right, Brandon, you run after her, but don’t catch her.
Just sort of a slow motion run like you see them do.
All right, man with the yellow hat, you stop.
“Then George went back in the water again.”
Ok, very good.

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