Everyone Here is the Store

Paley: Everyone here is the store. Put up your hands so that you’re all the store.
And the store walls cannot move. Because Makayla and her mommy are going into the store.
Ok, Makayla, come on. You and your mommy.
And, would you, Jailah, be her mommy?
Ok, keep your walls straight.
“Ok, me and my mommy went to the store.”
Now, Landon, would you be her daddy?
Now, make your arms like this because now we’re the zoo.
“Me and my daddy went to the zoo.
Does mommy go with?
All right, mommy, too.
All go to the zoo.
And it’s a good thing Aaron has all his little animals there.
You can look at the animals, but you know the animals in the zoo, you don’t touch the animals. So, look around. Look at Aaron’s animals.
“And I’d like Ashley and Alexis to come to my house:” that’s what she says.
Ok, Ashley and Alexis, would you come and take Makayla’s hand, and she’ll show you where she lives. Now, walk around, and everyone go to her house.
Very good.
Let’s see if we did – did we do all our stories? Very, very nice.

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