Two Stories


Paley: Now, we’ll hear Darion’s story.
Darion: Itsy bitsy spider
Paley: Hm?
Darion: About the itsy bitsy spider.
Paley: Ok, about the itsy bitsy – is it itsy bitsy or eensy weensy?
Darion: Itsy bitsy.
Paley: Itsy bitsy spider.
Child (singing): Itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout…
Paley: Ok, is there some more in your story?
Child (continues singing): Down came the rain and washed the spider out.
Up came the sun and dried up all the rain.
And the itsy bitsy spider…
Darion: I want to do two.
Paley: Only the two in the story?
Darion: I want two stories.
Paley: Ok. What’s your next one?
Darion: Curious George.
Paley: Ok, Curious George.
Child (laughing): Curious George.
Paley: Now, Darion…
Darion: He went to the jungle.
Paley: Now when we do itsy bitsy spider, do you want everyone to do the song?
Or do you just want to say that it’s about itsy bitsy spider?
Darion: I want everyone to sing it.
Paley: You want everyone to sing it? Ok.
Do you think everybody knows the words?
Child: Yeah, we do!
Paley: Everyone knows it?
Child: Yeah!
Paley: Great. All right. Now, so you’ve got – look – one story, two stories.
“Curious George went to the jungle.”
Is there any more in your Curious George story?
Darion: He ran away.
Paley: He ran away.
Darion: He ran away from the – you know…
Paley: Hm?
Darion: He ran away from the man.
Paley: The man – what did the, what about the man?
Darion: He was trying to find him.
Paley: The man was trying to find him.
Child: How about he do this?
Paley: Are you going to be Curious George or are you going to be the man?
When we act it out.

Are you going to be Curious George?

Do you want to wait until we act out the story and then you’ll decide?
Ok, that’s a good idea. That will help.
Ok, Darion, is your story – is your Curious George story over? Thank you very much.

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