Storytelling Begins

Paley (writing): “…got a toy.”
And a what?
Tejay: A Power Ranger one.
Paley: What kind of a toy?
Tejay: Power Ranger.
Paley: A parenger?
Tejay: A Power Ranger.
Paley: A parenger. What is that?
Tejay: That means you punch.
Child: Power Ranger. He said a Power Ranger.
Paley: A Power Ranger? Oh, thank you.
That was the kind of toy? A Power Ranger? One of these little Power Rangers?
(writing): “A Power Ranger.”
Tejay: And when we went back home, I watched Bubby play games.
Paley (writing): “And when we went back home, I watched Bubby?
Tejay: Play games.
Paley: Who’s Bubby?
Tejay: My Bubby.
Paley: Oh, your Bubby? “I watched Bubby” – is that your grandma?
Tejay: No…
Paley: Who’s…
Tejay: He’s my brother.
Paley: Oh, he’s your brother.
Tejay: My big one.
Paley (writing): “Bubby play games.” Ok, and…
Tejay: And I play them.
Paley (writing): And I play them.
Tejay: That’s all.
Paley: Now, are you going to be Tejay or are you going to be the mom?
Or are you going to be Bubby?
Tejay: Bubby.
Paley: You’re going to be the brother? Thank you, Tejay.

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