Mom, Dad, Dog, School

My daddy bring my doggie to school.

Alexis: Me and my mommy have so much fun.
Paley (writing): “Me and….” go on.
Alexis: And my daddy bring my doggie to school…
Paley: Ok, now wait, I have to write that down.
“Me and my mommy had so much fun. And my daddy brought my doggie to school.”
Alexis: And he…my dad wouldn’t bring it in because he didn’t want everybody else to see because my doggie doesn’t like the school. He likes staying outside.
Paley: Ok, “and my dad didn’t want to bring him in because he”…because your dog doesn’t like the school?
Alexis: Because he doesn’t like the school. He wants to stay outside.
Paley (after she finishes writing): Are you going to be Alexis, or are you going to be the mommy, the daddy or the dog?
Alexis: The dog.
Paley: What’s the dog’s name?
Alexis: Sammie.
Child: Jackson
Paley: Hm?
Alexis: Sammie.
Paley: Sammie?
Child: That’s my dog’s name.
Paley: Is it?

When it was time to act out this story, a new rule was established.

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