Mom, Dad, Dog, School

Alexis: Me and my mommy have so much fun.
Paley (writing): “Me and….” – go on.
Alexis: And my daddy bring my doggie to school…
Paley: Ok, now wait, I have to write that down.
“Me and my mommy had so much fun. And my daddy brought my doggie to school.”
Alexis: And he – my dad wouldn’t bring it in because he didn’t want everybody else to see because my doggie doesn’t like the school. He likes staying outside.
Paley: Ok, “and my dad didn’t want to bring him in because he”- because your dog doesn’t like the school?
Alexis: Because he doesn’t like the school. He wants to stay outside.
Paley (continues writing)
Are you going to be Alexis, or are you going to be the mommy, the daddy or the dog?
Alexis: The dog.
Paley: What’s the dog’s name?
Alexis: Sammie.
Child: Jackson
Paley: Hm?
Alexis: Sammie.
Paley: Sammie?
Child: That’s my dog’s name.
Paley: Is it?


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